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Author: JC, Last updated on 2023-06-30
Do you want to have a website for your membership services?

I have good news for you...

This software is made for people just like you :-D

My name is JC, I am a software developer.

I initially developed this software for, a site focused on helping Chinese small business owners in USA. To support the operation, I monetize the site with online courses and VIP memberships.

One day, a friend of mine asked if she could have a site just like mine...

Sure, I said. To help her out, I spent some time and extracted out the core components of my website and made them into a software package. Then, I launched her website with this software...

So that's the background story on how this software came into being. Now, let's look at the highlights of this software as well as features, pricing etc.


1) Super fast and mobile friendly;

2) Powerful SEO capability so that you can rank higher on Google;

3) Powerful search feature so you can easily find articles.


1. Blogging (with no comments)

2. Newsletter subscription

3. Course purchase, course content section (allows embedding youtube, vimeo videos)

4. VIP Membership purchase, VIP content section

5. Admin features: member management, course creation and setup, VIP membership setup, member list download

Note: you can only modify the color scheme of the site. Style and layout can not be modified.


1. Software license and installation

2. Warranty and upgrade(optional)

For detail pricing, please contact me at jc at advancedj dot com.

Installation Steps

1. Domain Registration

Use, about $10 a year.

2. SSL Security Certificate

Use namecheap EssentialSSL, about $25 a year.

3. Hosting

Use, please choose the $5/mo plan.

4. Business Email Account

Use Google G Suite email, $6/month.

5. Payment Gateway

Open an account with Stripe and PayPal.


If you are interested in using this software to build your website, please contact me at jc at
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